Friday's Fresh Market was founded in 2015 by Andrew Freitag. Prior to creating Friday's Fresh, he spent 10 years working for John Deere designing and building heavy duty agriculture equipment. After working with the traditional farming sector for years he came to the conclusion that there must be a better way to grow food! He started to focus on indoor hydroponics and vertical farming while working with leaders in the industry and utilizing the most cutting-edge technology to prove that indoor growing is much more efficient, cost effective, eco-friendly, and produces better quality food.

Another managing partner on board is Chen. She is originally from Shanghai, China. Before joining the indoor growing industry she spent almost 10 years in the investment consulting industry for foreign nationals. After years of traveling around the world and having a true understanding of both countries' culture, background and life-style, she realized that the most essential way to improve people's lives is to provide better food. That is also the most direct way to bring more happiness and positive energy to the local communities.

At FFM, we truly believe that our food system can be so much better if we grow smarter, more efficiently and eco-friendly.

The most beautiful highlight to all this is that today we are equipped with the most fascinating technologies to do it. It's really a dream come true to all of us.

So, let's get growing!