3 steps to set up

You: Sign up for GCB

So we have your contact info and put you on the list. 

Us: Harvest and pack the greens

A crafted mixture of leafy greens, micro greens or/and herbs are picked at their peak time with multiple flavor notes: nutty, spicy, citricy...carefully packed in a brown kraft paper bag.

You & Us

We drop off your bag at one of the HyVees and you pick it up, take home and enjoy!

Let's Compare....if we have to

Okey, we know what is going through your mind right now: They are plenty of "other guys" subscription on the market. But GCB is something different: 

  • We only supply you with the fresh greens. Cook them however you like. Other guys measure exact ingredients for exact yields, that's stressful. 
  • NO over-packaging. A tiny bottle of soy sauce or a fingernail pinch of Oregano, seriously?  Save the ocean some plastic, please.  (Plus, why pay for condiments I already have a whole bunch in the fridge?)
  • NO book-reading style of instructions studying. Cooking is fun, creativity, relaxation, not literature or rocket science.