Improved efficiency:

This system grows 75 times more food per square foot

Water conservation:

Indoor agriculture uses 90% less water than typical farming operations

Product value:

The end result is local, healthy and organic products

Learn More About the Process

Discover the ease of vertical indoor farming in Davenport, IA

When you live in a city of any size, space can be at a premium. You can't afford to buy acres of land to grow the produce or food you'd like. Friday's Fresh Market sets up vertical indoor farming systems in the Davenport, IA area.

You can put together a vertical or stacked growing system without the need for soil. Vertical indoor farming works by:

  • Utilizing hydroponic equipment and techniques
  • Planting seeds in growing plugs made of organic peat
  • Providing supplemental light to help grow the food
  • Controlling the environment 24/7

Our towers for hydroponic plants are made from food safe materials and can be reused for a lifetime. Contact Friday's Fresh Market today to learn more about the benefits of vertical indoor farming in Davenport, Iowa.

What is hydroponics?

The growing of plants in nutrient solutions with or without an inert medium (such as soil).