7 Benefits of Eating Locally Grown Food

  • Locally grown food is full of flavor
  • Local foods are safer and less likely to be contaminated
  • Local food is eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Eating local is eating seasonally
  • Local food has more nutrition
  • Local food supports the local economy
  • You will know the local growers (like US!) personally and they can tell you how the food was grown

Smart, City Farming in Davenport, IA

What's GCB?

"GCB stands for "Grower's Choice Bag". It's the best and only way to eat guaranteed hyper-local, organically indoor grown fresh ingredients and side meals in a subscription box.

The Growers' Promises

We promise:

  • All natural. Non-GMO pesticide-free growing. Seed to shelf.
  • Never use harmful chemicals (simply because we don't have to)
  • Always clean and safe to eat (we operate inside of an state of art, full-climate controlled/monitored grow room)
  • Peak freshness (same-day harvest), best flavor and texture, 100% nutrition preservation.
  • No seasonal swings, year-round availability (even in the middle of winter).

How does it work?

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Drop Off & Pick Up

Every Friday we pack your GCB and dropp off at one of the local HyVee stores you appointed. An e-mail notification will be sent to you upon drop off. Feel free to head to the store anytime after to pick up the GCB. No check out at the cashier register, no wait in line.

Like the sound of that?