All Natural, Hyper-local Produce

Our organic leafy greens, tomatoes, herbs & microgreens have never travelled more than 10 miles from the farm to the store. Our produce is grown in Davenport and Fairfield IA with the best growers in the industry that can pamper the plants to achieve the best flavor, texture and freshness.

Safe & Clean

We grow in Controlled Environment Agriculture facilities using high efficiency LED lights and hydroponic technology. We practice Good Agriculture Practices by never using harmful pesticides on our crops.

Nutritious + Flavorful = Happiness

When food is grown in a perfect climate and fed clean vitamins and minerals, they grow up to be healthier plant to consume. They simply taste better and are more nutritious. The perks for the Quad City community is that you can actually purchase this food the same day it was harvested when the nutrient level is at its peak.

Eat Better & Smarter the Local Way

A Better Way to Grow

Our custom indoor vertical farm designs save us up to 90% more water, 50% nutrients and provides 10x's more growing space efficiencies than traditional outdoor growing.

Responsibility to our Customers & the Earth

Every day we work hard to design and implement more efficient ways to grow our food and get it to the consumer. We strive to help reduce the carbon footprint by growing within 10 miles of our customers. We strive to use 100% recyclable packaging and help reduce the plastics in the landfills and ocean. We also strive to help reduce food waste by delivering just in time and while it's fresh. We minimize our packaging of the GCB by only using a box and a liner. We fill the box with fresh produce, not space-taking containers.

Healthy, Delicious and Natural Tastes

It's good to know the food you enjoy is real, safe to eat, fresh and nutritious. Without preservatives, additives and it's never been in a semi-truck!

Learn How GCB Works

No matter it's a "worry free" one box at a time or our 3-months weekly subscriber, once you place the order online your 100% local gourmet freshness is on its way!

Always Just-Picked Ingredients

Always Just-Picked Ingredients

• We (as craft growers) hand-pick the best fresh food(an artisan blend of lettuce, Microgreens, and/or herbs & tomatoes) of the week and carefully pack them into the box
• Your box is dropped off at one of the local HyVees in Quad Cities see locations stored in the back cooler of the Fresh Produce section.
• We will notify you once your box is ready for pick up.

Easy Pick-up at Your Local Store

Easy Pick-up at Your Local Store

•Simply stop by at the store Fresh Produce section upon the notification and ask the staff for picking up your GCB Box.
•No going through the cashier. No line. No transaction at the store.