From offices to City Farms


Friday’s Fresh Market is owned by a married couple--Andrew and Chen Freitag. Prior to creating Friday’s Fresh, Andrew spent 15 years working for fortune 500 companies like John Deere in the agriculture and irrigation industry. Designing and building high quality irrigation systems and heavy duty agriculture equipment. He's worked in over 6 different countries learning efficient farming techniques only to come to the conclusion that there must be a better way to grow food! He started to focus on indoor hydroponics and vertical farming. While working with leaders in the indoor farming industry and utilizing the most cutting-edge technology .

Chen is originally from Shanghai, China. She was totally a city girl before married to Andrew and came to the Midwest in 2007. From 2009 to 2018 she spent nearly 10 years in investment consulting industry. She understands the reality here that how limited options the local people have when it comes to fresh produce. She decided to do something personally to make a change, for her “2nd hometown—Quad Cities”. 

Then the rest is history. So far Chen and Andrew have been able to build and operate very efficient indoor “city farms”. From large warehouse space to smaller designs like 40' reefer containers Friday’s Fresh farms are producing thousands of pounds of fresh, nutritious food each year to the local communities. 

"People should have equal access to good food no matter where they live or what time of year it is."

NEW! Living Hydro Lettuce Head

How to make sure your daily greens are truly "nutrient-packed"? ...Keep the head! 

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